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T SHIELD: Toyota Safety Hygiene & Innovative Education for Long Term Durability


T SHIELD is a proactive activity from Toyota to improve information about vehicle use to limit the undesirable expense and to have best effectiveness of your vehicle.

T-Shield recommendations:


Fire Preventer – Usage of non-genuine car accessories or modification of wiring harness by local car mechanics may cause short circuits leading to fire. Do not leave any cloth or cotton waste inside engine cabin after cleaning.

Rodent Preventer – To prevent rat entry in cabin of car, keep AC- knob in re-circulation mode when the vehicle is parked. Close all the doors and windows completely when vehicle is parked. Do not leave any food inside the cars rats get attracted due to food smell. Little car care can give us peace of mind and save huge amount on service.

Theft Preventer - Parking vehicle in unprotected area or in poor visible areas mighty increase the chances of theft. Do not give master key during valet parking, vehicle servicing or to any Third party. Give only sub-keys to avoid duplication. Ensure your car windows are fully closed when parked.

Tyre Expert - Good maintained tires provide vehicle stability, better ride comfort and better fuel efficiency. Drive slowly on rough roads. Maintain recommended tyre pressure. Ensure regular wheel alignment and tyre rotation to keep your car tyres healthier.

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