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Toyota Smiles

Smiles Toyota Service Value Pack is a prepaid maintenance customer engagement program in which the customer pays the amount in advance for Periodic Maintenance (PM) for maximum two years. The customer gets a discount of 10% for PM Services availed and need not pay for PM service during service. Smiles Toyota Service Value Pack has been relaunched with new features and 100% compliance to GST invoicing. During Smiles sale, the customer purchases prepaid program for few Periodic Maintenance Services for maximum two years. The customers needs to be issued a smiles sales invoice during the smiles program purchase. When the customer comes for service for realization of smiles benefit, he has to be given a Smiles Service Note for PM Service. If the customer avails any additional jobs during service, he will be eligible for Discounts as per Smiles Program and dealer needs to provide a tax invoice for the additional jobs only.

Discounts applicable as per New Smiles Program :

  • Purchase of Smiles : 10% PM Discount.
  • (System Generated) General Repair Labour : 30% Discount.
  • Wheel Alignment / Wheel Balancing : 30% Discount.
  • Additional Washing : 30% Discount.
  • Value Added Service : 15% Discount (All these are calculated by system automatically).
  • Tyre & Battery : 4% Discount (Dealer to provide discount manually) Renewal Benefits : Except Tyre & Battery Discount, all are system calculated. Only Tyre & Battery dealer needs to provide from their side.